Bid Reminder

Bid Reminder was founded as a way to better track sports memorabilia auctions.  As a collector, I was frustrated trying to track when my favorite auction houses were ending.  For years, I privately managed a database of start and end dates so that I didn't miss out on prized collectibles.  When I searched to find out if a centralized database of this information was available, I was met with clunky and messy websites. I soon realized that other collectors may want the the same ease of search that i had with my database.  Bid Reminder was born out of this need and remains a free website for collectors to use and enjoy.

I'm not affiliated with any auction house.  By visiting and bidding at these sites you are accepting their terms and services.  The listing of auctions on this site is not an endorsement of any business, company, or entity. 

For business inquiries, questions, or if you'd like your auction house to be listed, please contact me by email