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Where: Goldin Dream Team Elite Auction 

When: Ending May 24th at 8:00PM CST

What: Per Goldin,


The Beatles. The March on Washington. The Apollo 11 moon landing. The fall of the Berlin Wall. All were revolutionary, life-changing moments in the timeline of world history. Their immortal words still ring in our ears: All you need is love. I have a dream. One giant leap for mankind. Tear down this wall.

In sports, revolution came at the 1992 Summer Olympics. That was when pro athletes were first allowed to compete, when all eyes were on the basketball court, and when two iconic words entered the sports lexicon: Dream Team.

Michael, Magic, Bird, the Mailman, the Admiral, Stock, Charles, Scottie, Clyde the Glide, Big Pat, Mullin and Laettner. They were a global phenomenon. They were rock stars. They were the gods of Mount Olympus. They were the greatest team assembled in any sport—EVER. Period, full stop.

No other squad in the annals of sports could possibly compare. Not the 1927 Yankees, not 1970 Brazil, not the 1972 Dolphins, not the 1996 Bulls. Nobody comes close. The 1992 Dream Team were far and away the most dominant, the most important and the most influential team the world has ever seen.

Over the course of their careers, these dozen Dreamers would amass a combined 23 NBA championships, 15 MVP Awards and 117 All-Star appearances. In Barcelona, Team USA steamrolled the competition to win gold, beating Angola, Croatia, Germany, Brazil, Spain, Puerto Rico and Lithuania by an astounding average of 44 points per game. Opposing players were starstruck, posing for pictures with their idols mid-game (!) and asking for autographs post-game.

Long before memes, GIFs and hashtags, it was basketball that went viral. Suddenly this all-American game, which had been invented a century earlier in a humble YMCA gym with peach baskets, was ready to rival soccer on the international stage. Basketball was everywhere, from China to Africa to South America to Europe and beyond. The 1992 Dream Team inspired countless global hoopsters, most notably Dirk Nowitzki, Tony Parker, Pau Gasol, Manu Ginobili and Yao Ming. For the 1991-92 NBA season, there were only 23 international players from 18 different countries. At the start of 2022-23, there were 120 international players from 40 countries on 6 continents!

Author Jack McCallum summed up the Dream Team's legacy in the subtitle to his definitive 2013 book: How Michael, Magic, Larry, Charles, and the Greatest Team of All Time Conquered the World and Changed the Game of Basketball Forever. That they did. And the dream lives on.



Proudly presented here is the single greatest collection on earth from that greatest team on earth—featuring the single-most valuable Michael Jordan jersey on earth. Incredibly, this is the complete set of 1992 Dream Team game-used, signed shoes and game-used, photo-matched jerseys. Yes, PHOTO-MATCHED. Never before has a Jordan Dream Team jersey been photo-matched by even one photo-matching company, let alone the trifecta here of MeiGray, Resolution and SIA! Only a scant few photo-matched examples have ever surfaced for other Dream Team members, but those were one-offs.

What we are privileged to offer now is the one-and-only landmark "Dream Team Collection" amassed by none other than Karl Malone himself. Every Dream Team player's game-used shoes and jerseys—all in one fell swoop. We cannot overstate how mind-blowing it is that the collection exists in the first place, boasts such unprecedented impeccable provenance (from Malone, MeiGray, Resolution, SIA and JSA), and is being made publicly available for the first time.

Amazing but true, the entirety was hiding in plain sight for many years, having been showcased at the Mailman's own Utah car dealership. When Karl decided it was time to part with his cherished display pieces, he chose Goldin Auctions and invited out our Executive Chairman and Founder Ken Goldin. Their on-site contract negotiation not only made auction history, but TV history as well because it was filmed for the capstone episode of Netflix's new show King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch.

"Working with Karl Malone and bringing this extraordinary Dream Team Collection to auction has been a major highlight of my career in collectibles," Ken recalled. "And then knowing that Netflix viewers would get to see behind the scenes of the deal made it an even more thrilling experience for our auction company and the broader Goldin community."

All 12 pairs of shoes and all 12 jerseys feature the respective player's signature(s) and come with both Karl Malone's LOA and a JSA LOA. The game-used shoes have been reviewed by Sports Investors Authentication (SIA), which photo-matched 4 pairs to the pre-Olympic Tournament of the Americas and determined the other 8 pairs to have been game-used during either the Tournament of the Americas or the Olympics. Malone himself describes obtaining the entire shoe collection at the Olympics, and, as such, each pair is presented on a square display platform with a plaque reading, "Shoes Worn By [Player Name] / 1992 Summer Olympic Games / Barcelona Spain." The game-used jerseys carry the official Champion-brand "1992 Summer Olympic Games" tag on the lower front, and there is some slight peripheral adhesive residue from past frame removal. Unless otherwise noted, each jersey has been photo-matched by MeiGray, Resolution and/or SIA to the Olympic Semifinal round against Lithuania on August 6, 1992.

This is sports history and auction history at its absolute pinnacle. A monumental, blockbuster complete set of 1992 Dream Team signed gamers—specially delivered by the Mailman, then graced with the Goldin Touch.


Michael Jordan 1992 Olympic "Dream Team" Game-Used, Photo-Matched, Signed, Inscribed Jersey - MeiGray, Resolution, Sports Investors Authentication, Malone, JSA LOA

Brand: Champion

Size: 46

Notes: First-ever Jordan Dream Team jersey photo-matched by even one photo-matching company, let alone the trifecta here of MeiGray, Resolution and SIA! Photo-matched to the Semifinal round against Lithuania on August 6, 1992. Jordan scored 21 points with 4 assists and 3 rebounds.

LOA from MeiGray (for photo match). LOA from Sports Investors Authentication (for photo match). LOA from Resolution (for photo match). LOA from Karl Malone. LOA from JSA (for autograph).

Where: Hunt Live Auction

When: Online Pre-Bidding Ends May 15th at 9:00PM CST

What: Per Hunts,

1996-97 Allen Iverson autographed Philadelphia 76ers professional model jersey and shorts (Rookie season)(MeiGray Photomatch to five games including Michael Jordan "Crossover" game) 1996-97 Allen Iverson autographed Philadelphia 76ers professional model jersey and shorts (Rookie season)(MeiGray Photomatch to five games including Michael Jordan “Crossover” game) White mesh jersey from Iverson’s rookie campaign retaining “Sixers” name above “3” in red/white/blue tackle twill. “Iverson” lettering in blue on back above “3” in blue/red tackle twill. Proper Champion manufacturer’s label with size 42 indicator affixed to the tail front along with “Designed & Tailored Exclusively for the Philadelphia 76ers” tag with “Body Length +2” indicator. Wash tag and “2” Extra Body Length” tags found inside the tail area. Shirt shows evident use/wash wear (most notably to tagging) with Iverson having signed the back in blue sharpie adding, “96-97” in early signatures style format. Matching shorts accompany the jersey with Champion/76ers Exclusive tagging on interior having “3” written in black marker alongside of separate crossed out numeral. The jersey has been photomatched by MeiGray to an amazing total of five games in the 1996-97 NBA season in addition to one pre-season game. Images were matched from the following games: 10/19/1996 (The Forum Shootout pre-season); 10/26/1996 vs. Lakers; 12/21/1996 vs. Bulls; 1/29/1997 vs. Raptors; 3/4/1997 vs. Bullets; and 3/12/1997 vs. Bulls. The March 12th game against the Bulls in Philadelphia included one of the most iconic moments of Iverson’s Hall of Fame career. Iverson was facing his idol Michael Jordan and during a play in which Jordan was guarding him he executed a devastating crossover move burying a jump shot to thunderous applause. The Answer was one of the most transformative players in the history of the NBA and was selected as a member of the 75 Greatest Players in League history. Desirable rookie season jersey is one of only a small population to have entered the market and is being offered for the first time publicly. Give its primary source, rookie season dating, and multiple photo matches including the “Crossover” it may well be the finest Iverson jersey to have been offered publicly. Originally obtained by a collector who received items directly from players and team employees in the period. Includes auction LOA from JSA (autograph), LOA from Hunt Auctions (jersey), LOA from MeiGray (Jersey photomatch) and letter of provenance from the original recipient: EX-MT 

Where: Robert Edwards Auctions (REA)

When: Ends May 21st at 8:00PM CST

What: Per REA,

Graded EX 5 by SGC. Tremendous example of one of Babe Ruth's classic cards: #53 with yellow background from the 1933 Goudey series. The "yellow background" pose of Babe Ruth is, without a doubt, his most difficult to obtain and sought-after card in the 1933 Goudey set. For some reason, this card is also a condition rarity compared with other Ruth cards in the set. This example is bright and crisp, with outstanding registration, honest corner wear, and centering slightly toward the bottom right. The reverse exhibits bold green printing. This is a magnificent example of one of Babe Ruth's most classic cards from the popular 1933 Goudey Gum series.